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MICON C2 Supervisory Systems are widely used in Oil and Petrochemical facilities, in especially demanding environments like offshore platforms, for solid, reliable, Supervisory Control of motor operated valves, pump motors, conveyor motors, and solenoids.

MICON C2 is a 2-Wire System; the control of motor operated valves, pumps and conveyors typically requires from five to eight heavy gauge wires running from the control room to the field equipment. However, the C2 System only requires two small gauge wires (22 GA typical) to obtain the same results. Cost savings in wire, conduit, and installation are substantial.  Junction boxes are usually eliminated because the terminal connections are at the control panel and on the Field Units. Distance of 10,000 ft. between Control Units and Field Units are common.

C2 Control Units and Field Units are available in a variety of configurations to fit your particular application in a minimum of space. For height density installations, our "plug-in" units cut panel space and engineering time. Additional units can be easily added in spare plug-in slots. A check-out of your system can be made in our plant before installation to assure an on-time, trouble-free start up which means additional, substantial savings.

C2 Systems are immune to noise. The 80 volt AC system is virtually impervious to noise actuating or transient damage. Wiring corrosion is also minimized with the AC system.

Total control of a system can be initiated from a central control room or other location. Control, status, and alarm indications are on the same controller so that one operator can handle an emergency as well as a normal operation.

C2 Systems minimum hazards; power to actuate the Field unit is transmitted over the two signal wires. Thus the power supply can be locted in the control room thereby reducing field hazards.

C2 Systems assure security and reliability.  C2 was the first supervisory system available, years before others, and has been proven and continuously improved over the years. More than 100,000 loops are in use throughout the world.  C2 has been proven economical, reliable, and safe, time and time again.