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The P-200 is a legacy product originally introduced by MICON in 1978.  MICON has not marketed the P-200 for new applications in several years;  however, we still refurbish them and sell new ones to those customers who continue to ask for them.  There are thousands of loops still out there in various parts of the world running on P-200s and as long as there are, we will be supporting those users.

As far as control functionality, the P-200 has most of the functions currently available.  It is also very fast and has proven itself to be exceptionally reliable.  The P-200 is however limited by serial communications.  MICON can now help integrate existing P-200s into a MICON OPEN+ network using the MICON GPLI (general purpose LAN interface).  The GPLI may also be used to facilitate MICON VIEW as Operator Stations for existing P-200 applications...this is especially attractive to MICON Sparcstation users and is the path forward in connectivity and usability for them.

Continued Support for Existing Users

New Connectivity Option with GPLI

Existing P-200 Users Can Upgrade to  MICON VIEW Operator Station without changing controllers.

Micon can port complete configurations from existing P200 control systems into RCM+ controllers, using the same MICON field-proven functions.