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The MICON RCM+ universal control module is the heart of the MICON OPEN+ system.  The RCM+ utilizes a single-board architecture, which includes industrial-strength I/O (64 points, configurable for analog and/or discrete),  intelligence (two processors, Flash memory and RAM memory) and communications (redundant Ethernets, Modbus and serial links). Maximum reliability can be achieved through a 100% redundant architecture. The RCM+ module redundancy concept allows the user to simply plug-in a backup module side-by-side with the primary module (no cable connection or configuration requirements).

The MICON RCM+ universal control module is aimed at unit processes and subsections of larger plants.  Typical applications are compressor controls, industrial boiler controls, distillation column control, and other unit control applications requiring advanced functionality and high reliability. RCM+ adheres to recognized standards to facilitate upgrades and connection to other plant systems. The key features are open communications via redundant Ethernet & Microsoft-supported information exchange, and the unique modular RCM-Plus architecture.

The RCM+ may be used stand-alone, in small unit groupings, or as part of a complete distributed system.

Single-board Architecture with:

                64 IO


               100% Redundancy with 2nd Module

               Redundant Ethernet on every Module

Dual Processors

               Flash Memory

130 Built-In, Field-Proven Functions